To allow proper assessment we require a new patient form to be completed by all attending patients. This allows us to gain an accurate overview of all personal, lifestyle and health history that will be essential in creating your individualised care plan. On arrival you will be asked to fill out the form prior to your consultation, we recommend arriving 10 to 15 minutes early to allow this.


Dr Adam Gee will listen and discuss your symptoms and health concerns in a confidential environment. He will perform a chiropractic examination and postural evaluation. If it is deemed necessary you may be referred for an x-ray prior to your first adjustment. The aim is to assess your spine and nervous system and to gain a better understanding of your overall health and lifestyle.

You are encouraged to voice any concerns you have and ask questions. The initial consultation may not involve adjustments, this process is all about understanding your symptoms and the possible cause of your discomfort.


Before any adjustments, Dr Adam Gee will discuss the assessment results and care plan with you. This will create transparency and understanding between you and Dr Adam. You will be involved in your care plan, understand the problem and why the treatment is being conducted.

Depending on your individualised care plan, Dr Adam may begin using a range of manual adjustments and soft tissue techniques. Every effort is made to make you feel relaxed during this appointment. The technique can be modified if it does not feel comfortable for you. Dr Adam Gee will also share lifestyle guidance, home exercises and injury prevention strategies during your session.


Your care plan may suggest maintenance visits at Advanced Chiropractic. This can involve future adjustments to help with chronic and long-term symptoms. Sometimes, it can be beneficial to proceed with regular chiropractic care to sustain good health and wellbeing. Maintenance visits will involve analysing the spine and nervous system and monitoring your progress. There can be intervals between maintenance visits and these can differ depending on your situation. Reports will be conducted, along with regular examinations.


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