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Many people believe that surgery is a good solution to long term chronic back pain. This is not actually the case. In many cases, chiropractic care may help clients relieve pain and improve range of motion and overall health without the need for surgery.

Many surgeries, particularly in the spine, can cause a wealth of problems on their own. Not only can the process have a long recovery time (ranging from three to twelve months before clients can expect to return to normal daily life), it is painful and long term medication is often prescribed. Spinal surgery creates permanent neurological and structural changes that may cause other issues later in life. Surgery and medication are more suited for serious, life threatening or non-responsive (to conservative measures) injuries, such as a compound fracture of your arm from a bad fall.

We utilise a comprehensive assessment process to identify the root cause of discomfort and design a chiropractic care plan with the aim to relieve chronic pain, improve range of motion and enhance mobility. Chiropractic care treats a wide variety of injuries and symptoms and is a healthy and natural alternative to the complication that are inherent with surgical procedures.

If you are considering surgery to treat back pain or another injury and would like to discuss a surgery alternative chiropractic care plan, please contact us.


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